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​포트폴리오 개요


Delicate Traces

2020, "Delicate Traces" solo exhibition, Woosuk Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

3 things i've been thinking about 2019_e

3 things i've been thinking about

2019, digital prints, 21.0x29.7cm


i can't see what you see

2019, oil paint on wood panels, agar mixtures,

left to right 32x42x5cm, 15x40cm, 30x50cm, 60x60cm, 50x70cm, 50x70cm

속속들이 파묻히다 6장 모음_small size.jpg

Peeling, burying

2019, agar, glycerol, water, paper, ink, paint, 32x41cm

A Border

A Border

2019, single channel video, sound, 02:55

installation view of "롤링 Rolling" group exhibition in Woosuk Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


덧 Over series

2019, PLA filaments, mixtures, dimensions variable, installation view

스크린샷 2018-12-08 오전 8.29.11.png

Remains 남겨진 것

2018, single channel video, sound, 04:55

플래시 플래쉬 플래쉬 2018

플래시 플래쉬 플래쉬 Flash Flesh Flesh

2018, "행간의 포석 A rowing stone" group exhibition, curated by 이관훈, Woosuk Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

Solid and Delicate 2017

Solid and Delicate II

2017, Pulchri Gallery, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Solid and Delicate I

2017, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) Graduation show 2017, Den Haag, The Netherlands


2016, "Crystal Maze" group exhibition, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Uncanny Morphosis

2016, single channel video, 4:03, Den Haag, The Netherlands


2015, digital prints, Den Haag, The Netherlands


2015, oil on canvas, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Gyogam 교감

2015, oil pastel on digital prints, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Untitled III

2015, oil pastel on hanji, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Untitled II

2014, oil paints on latex, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Untitled I

2014, oil paints on fabric, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Nude Croquis

2014, pencil on paper, Den Haag, The Netherlands