Anxiety Series



불안 박스  2022

coming soon


feel so alive being dead

2021, plaster, dirt fragrance, dimensions variable

White Bones 2021.jpg

white bones  하얀 뼈

2021, digital prints, 21.0x29.7cm


puzzles, per pair

2021, digital prints, 20.4x28.9cm

01_기억 상자_기억 조각_2021_이유림.jpg

기억 상자  Memory Boxes

기억 조각  Memory Pieces

2021, agar mixture, PLA filaments, resin, prints, watercolor • pen • pencil • colored pencil drawing, oil paint on canvas, scribbles, fabric, digital printed fabric, ink, paint, leaf, red thread, dimensions variable

다시 만날 때까지_설치 전경.jpg

기억 상자  Memory Boxes

기억 조각  Memory Pieces

2021, "다시 만날 때까지" 기획전 설치 전경, 쇼앤텔

2021, "Until We Meet Again" group exhibition, ShowandTell, Seoul, South Korea


섞고 끓이고 붓고 mixing boiling pouring

2021, single channel video, sound, color, 06:20

untitled 2021.jpg


2021, iota carrageenan mixture, food coloring, wire, dimensions variable

파묻히다 II.jpg

파묻히다 II  Burying II

2020, iota carrageenan mixture, wood frame, 44.5x55.5cm


무덤  A Tomb

2020, agar mixture, fabric, dimensions variable, installation view


Delicate Traces

2020, "Delicate Traces" solo exhibition, Woosuk Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


3 things i've been layering

2019, agar mixture, digital print, wood, 32x42x5cm


​파묻히다 Burying

2019, agar mixture, paper, wood frame, 28.5x32x3.5cm

3 things i've been thinking about 2019_w

3 things i've been thinking about

내가 생각해 온 세 가지

2019, digital print, 21.0x29.7cm

01 이유림_i can't see what you see(나는 네가 보는

i can't see what you see  나는 네가 보는 것을 볼 수 없다

2019, oil paint on wood panels, agar mixture, left to right 15x40cm, 30x50cm, 60x60cm, 50x70cm, 50x70cm


서울특별시청 문화본부 박물관 소장 2020

Seoul City Museum Collection 2020

속속들이 파묻히다_2019_10GB.jpg

속속들이 파묻히다 Peeling, burying

2019, agar mixture, paper, ink, paint, 32x41cm

A Border

A Border

2019, single channel video, sound, black and white, 02:55

installation view of "롤링 Rolling" group exhibition in Woosuk Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

덧 2019_03.jpg
DSC09675_작은 사이즈.jpg

덧 I, II   Over I, II

2019, PLA filaments, green tea and grape pomace mixture, dimensions variable, installation view

스크린샷 2018-12-08 오전 8.29.11.png

Remains 남겨진 것

2018, single channel video, sound, color, 04:55

플래시 플래쉬 플래쉬 2018

플래시 플래쉬 플래쉬 Flash Flesh Flesh

2018, "행간의 포석 A Rowing Stone" group exhibition, curated by Lee Kwan-hoon (Project Space Sarubia), Woosuk Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


Solid and Delicate II

2017, Pulchri Gallery, Den Haag, The Netherlands


Solid and Delicate I

2017, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) Graduation show 2017, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Crystal Maze

2016, "Crystal Maze" group exhibition, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Uncanny Morphosis

2016, single channel video, color, 4:03

outside controls inside

2015, digital prints, dimensions variable


2015, oil on canvas

Gyogam 교감

2015, oil pastel on digital prints, dimensions variable

Untitled III

2015, oil pastel on hanji, dimensions variable

Untitled II

2014, oil paints on latex, dimensions variable

Untitled I

2014, oil paints on fabric, dimensions variable

Nude Croquis

2014, pencil on paper